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Kandham is a tamil word which means the fragrance of spices. Most of the spices are cultivated from the Kurinji Land which is one of the first landscape from Ancient Tamil Literature Landscapes (Ainthinaigal).


Murugu means Beauty, Youngness, Proudness, Raise, Ageless etc., It also refers Tamil god Murugan. It is a beautiful tamil word and coined from the Soft Group (Mellinam), Middle Group (Idaiyinam) and Hard Group (Vallinam) letters of Tamil consonants. 
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Neila is derived from the word Nei. Nei means oil in the ancient tamil period. The first ever (edible) oily thing invented by Tamils (from Cow's Milk) was Ghee & Butter. Due to its sticky characteristics, logically they termed them as Nei & Vennei. So, later when they extracted an oil from Ell ( Tamil name for Sesame seeds ) / Sesame seeds, they called it as Ennai.  Ell + Nei = Elnei / Ennai, which has become a common name for all types of oil. Later the Sesame oil was called further as Nallennai (Good Oil ).Nei is the original word for Oil and Neila derived from it.
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Neyyal means the characteristic structure of the interwoven or intertwined threads, strands, or the like, that make up a textile fabric. Weaving / Nesavu ( Tamil meaning of Weaving) is an ancient way of making the clothes from threads.
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Porchuvai is a Tamil word and  parable word for the taste (Chuvai is the Tamil word for the taste) , which means golden taste.
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